Microsoft Datacenters are coming to South Africa

Microsoft will soon deliver cloud services from datacenters located in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Few places in the world are as dynamic and diverse as Africa today. In this landscape, we see enormous opportunity for the cloud to accelerate innovation, support people across the continent who are working to transform their businesses, explore new entrepreneurship opportunities and help solve some of the world’s hardest problems.

Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group from Microsoft said.

Microsoft will deliver the Microsoft Cloud — including Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365 — from datacenters located in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with initial availability in 2018. These new Microsoft Cloud regions will offer enterprise-grade reliability and performance combined with data residency.

Customers across Africa, including local startups and NGOs, will be able to use the cloud services delivered from these new regions to power innovation and opportunity for Africa and the world.

Currently many companies in Africa rely on cloud services delivered from outside of the continent. (Mostly from the EU,) Microsoft’s new investment will provide highly available, scalable, and secure cloud services across Africa with the option of data residency in South Africa. With the introduction of these new cloud regions, Microsoft has now announced 40 regions around the world – more than any major cloud provider. The combination of Microsoft’s global cloud infrastructure with the new regions in Africa will connect businesses with opportunity across the globe, help accelerate new investments, and improve access to cloud and internet services for people and organizations from Cairo to Cape Town.

This means that data stored in Azure services, Office 365 or Dynamics 365 will stay inside South Africa. Other key point is latency what can be improved with local datacenters.

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